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APEC Structure

APEC divides its work into four committees.

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APEC divides its work into four committees:

• Committee on Trade and Investment - CTI;

• CSOM Steering Committee on ECOTECH - SCE;

• Economic Committee - EC; and

• Budget and Management Committee - BMC.

As for the Committees, they must report to the High Representatives, who approve their reports and submit certain initiatives to the consideration of the relevant Ministers for approval and/or consideration, depending on the subject matter. Ministers may, in turn, request approval from Leaders for certain initiatives that are of greater relevance.

These Committees, in turn, are in charge of Sub-committees, Working Groups, Expert Groups, Public-Private Dialogues, Public-Private Policy Associations, Working Forces and Friends of the Chair (FoTC), who periodically report on their progress in meeting the Forum's objectives, the initiatives they are developing and their working plans.

The APEC Secretariat is in Singapore and operates as the central support mechanism for the APEC process. It provides coordination, technical support and consultancy as well as information management, communications and public outreach services.