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Chile awaits the APEC 2019 delegates with open arms. We want you to marvel at our cuisine and all of the destinations and experiences that can be found at the end of the world, from the Andean highlands in the north to the far south.

Chile offers a wide range of adventures, including stargazing in the driest desert in the world, ancient glaciers in the southernmost region of the planet, enchanting forests and lakes at the feet of towering volcanoes, islands full of legends, fertile wine valleys, delicious fruits and a variety of seafood, immense mountains to climb and Santiago’s air of modernity and accessibility.

But there is something that often goes unmentioned: the open nature of Chile's landscapes can also be found in its people. The sensation of being alive flows over you in this vast territory of far-reaching horizons. You can connect with nature and explore unspoiled territories while our people and their culture surprise you with their kindness and hospitality. Chile offers a completely novel experience in a place that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.