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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Public and private stakeholders discuss the transformation towards sustainable mining

In the context of APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week, delegates from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies addressed the new technologies and policies that are being implemented in order to create a greener industry.

Copiapó, August 6, 2019. The transformation towards more sustainable mining was the focus of the second day of APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week. The event offered public and private stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the challenge that the sector is facing and to offer delegates from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies information on the progress that Chile has made in this area.

Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica stated, “we currently have an activity that can be developed in a manner that protects the environment. The discussion that has emerged among businesses, institutions and associations at the highest level offers us a space in which to examine how we can move forward in a way that keeps production traceability on track.”

In this regard, the Minister explained, “the world is becoming more demanding in regard to environmental issues, and mining must respond to that. Chile has taken important steps in this area, such as upcoming projects like desalinization plants. We also have various projects that are recirculating up to 86% of their water.”

Minister Prokurica also highlighted the National Tailings Policy, which the Mining Ministry has been developing in order to reprocess and remediate the industry’s waste so that it can then be reused in these areas.

The event featured two panels that addressed hydrogen in mining, the use of desalinized water by mining companies, the importance of sustainable operations and President Piñera’s Government policy to add value to lithium production.

Source: Mining Ministry.

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