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Friday, May 25, 2018

APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting: Chile calls for strengthening the multilateral trading trade system to be strengthened

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The APEC Senior Official for Chile and Director for Multilateral Economic Affairs of Direcon, Mathias Francke, made a strong call for care to be taken of the multilateral trade system.

Mr. Francke was speaking at the Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) that preceded the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade. He stressed that, within the multilateral framework, rules guarantee free, fair, open and transparent trade, which provides predictability.

At the meeting, the report by the APEC Committee on Trade and Investment was also discussed, particularly the presentations of update on the fulfillment of the Bogor goals and the efforts that the economies are making to implement the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone, something APEC has long aspired to.

Chile emphasized the need for inclusive trade and development, particularly for MSMEs, for example through access to technologies, networks and information, as well as measures to facilitate trade. Another highlight was the debate on women's economic empowerment.


In addition to the SOM meeting, Mr. Francke headed the Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation, where proposals on different topics submitted by Indonesia, Russia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia were discussed.

The SOMs of Chile and New Zealand co-chaired the SOM Steering Committee on Post-2020 Vision . This initiative was launched by the APEC Leaders with the purpose of analyzing the Forum's role following the implementation of the Bogor Goals to liberalize trade in the region.

The Post-2020 vision aims to develop a new perspective for APEC with regard to trade liberalization in the region, taking as its basis the progress achieved by its economies and considering the new economic scenario as the fourth industrial revolution, the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital economy, and the imperative of inclusive and sustainable development and growth.

To this end, the SOM Steering Committee adopted the guidelines for the work of the APEC Vision Group, composed of eminent people nominated by each economy. Jorge Sahd, Director of the Center for International Studies of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, was appointed to represent Chile.

Finally, the Chilean SOM held bilateral meetings with his counterparts from the United States, the People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, Malaysia (APEC year 2020), Chinese Taipei  and Japan, to exchange points of view on the work being done by APEC, and in particular, to provide details about the work being done in Chile for APEC 2019.

"All of these economies expressed their full support for the Chile’s work in leading the forum for the year starting this December" Mr. Francke said.