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Chile’s first deliverable is approved in the second round of APEC Chile 2019 meetings

The Senior Officials met for two days, during which they received reports from the working groups and committees, reviewed the progress made with the priorities and prepared the report for the Ministers responsible for Trade, whose meeting begins tomorrow.

Viña del Mar, May 16, 2019.- APEC’s Second Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM2) in the Valparaíso region came to an end today. The meeting took place on May 15 and 16 and brought together senior officials from the 21 APEC member economies. It was chaired by the APEC Chile 2019 SOM Chair, Mathias Francke, and attended by APEC’s Executive Director, Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria.

During the two-day meeting, the officials received reports from the different groups and committees and reviewed the progress made with the four priorities proposed by Chile for this year: Digital Society; Integration 4.0; Women, SMEs and Inclusive Growth; and Sustainable Growth.

One of the key outcomes was the approval by consensus of the first deliverable for APEC Chile 2019. The initiative titled “Addressing the pending issues of the Bogor Goals: a final push for services” was approved at the plenary meeting of APEC’s Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), where 19 areas of work were agreed. APEC Chile 2019 Content Director Krasna Bobenrieth said that approval of this first deliverable is “very important because services represent 63% of Chile’s GDP; they are a highly significant economic activity and so are key to our country. There is still plenty of room for growth in this area, but there continues to be a series of barriers in the area of services within the APEC economies. Approval of this first deliverable is also an important step towards fulfilling the Bogor Goals - a major objective of APEC that promotes free and open trade and investment. Chile has thus shown its capacity for leadership as the host country because it has succeeded in getting all the APEC economies to focus on a specific area.”


This initiative also sets the scene for the “services summit” scheduled to take place  in Puerto Varas this August during the Third Senior Officials’ Meeting.


Another important outcome from this week was the approval by APEC’s Committee on Trade and Investment  of Chile’s “Strategic Action Plan 2020-2050 for Cooperation on APEC Global Value Chains.” This action plan will contribute towards generating an environment favorable to the development of global value chains. It will do this through promotion and cooperation activities with the goal of reducing the barriers to trade and investment that impede the development of global value chains.

Chile also presented its updated proposal for developing the “Santiago roadmap on Women and Inclusive Growth”, which was well received by all the APEC economies. Chile is the first host country to promote women’s participation in the economy and international trade as a central priority for APEC. Given the broad support received, the roadmap is likely to become a way of organizing APEC’s work on this area for the coming years. This is expected to be one of Chile's key deliverables at the end of this year.

Chile’s focus on Sustainable Growth also received broad support. The APEC economies confirmed the importance of conserving the oceans, especially of keeping them free from plastic, and also of combating illegal fishing. During the second day, Chile therefore organized a “clean beach” activity in the Caleta Portales fishermen’s wharf and beach area in Valparaíso. The Senior Officials from the different APEC economies collected trash from the beach with the support of a group of students from the Capellan Pascal school in Viña del Mar.

The Senior Officials also held a working lunch with the Fisheries Undersecretary, Eduardo Riquelme, during which they exchanged ideas and viewpoints about how to address illegal fishing and highlighted the importance of protecting the oceans from plastic contamination.

During the first day, the SOMs also received Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica, who reported on the preparations for APEC Mining Week 2019, which will take place in the first week of August in the city of Copiapó in the Atacama Region.

Citizens’ Agenda

During this SOM2, there was also a “citizens’ agenda” designed to bring the forum closer to the people. On this occasion it was particularly focused on the Valparaíso region. The agenda included workshops on a range of important topics, such as food safety, the importance of global value chains, and border electronic commerce, as well as site visits by the delegates. “We are keen to make it visible to civil society, as well as showing the benefits of free trade,” explained Mathias Francke. We also “had a joint activity with the Municipality of Concón, where they organized a great demonstration of local cuisine. Local businesses took part, offering their dishes to the more than 200 representatives from the 21 APEC economies.