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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 2-18 in Viña del Mar

Citizen agenda will shape APEC Chile 2019 Second Senior Officials’ Meeting and Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting

The activities to be held in the Valparaíso Region will begin the process of bringing APEC to regions outside of the capital. These will feature the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT), which will be presided over by Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Ampuero. The events will be strongly oriented towards the public and will include workshops, site visits and discussions.

Santiago, April 30, 2019.- During the first three weeks of May, Viña del Mar will host the Second Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM2) and the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT).

Over 60 activities will be held in the context of these events to address key issues for the integration of and international trade in the Asia-Pacific Region. SOM2 will be the focus on May 15 and 16 and the MRT meeting will be held May 17 and 18. The latter will be led by Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Ampuero.

On May 14 there will be a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue at Viña del Mar’s Hotel Enjoy. The event will be organized by APEC Chile 2019 with the support of the Universidad Católica de Chile Center for International Studies and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC). The goal will be to highlight Latin America’s vision of post-2020 regional integration of Asia and the Pacific.

Another one of the most important areas will be activities with citizen participation that will be organized in collaboration with universities and regional chambers of commerce so that members of the public can learn about what is discussed at APEC and how these issues influence their daily lives.

The official meetings include the Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy, which is led by Women and Gender Equity Undersecretary Carolina Cuevas this year. There will also be a full week of meetings on tourism and human development. In regard to issues associated with the Sustainable Growth priority, the Fishing Undersecretary will host a breakfast for Senior Officials to present Chile’s ideas on ocean conservation.

As was the case of the first SOM in Santiago, the Chilean Villages will be present. These entities allow small and medium enterprises from the Valparaíso Region to exhibit their products to the delegates who will travel to Viña del Mar during the two weeks of events.

Another noteworthy event will be the APEC App Challenge, which is sponsored by Google with the support of the Asia Foundation. Young people from APEC economies will be invited to develop a smartphone application in one of the areas of work of the forum. This year the goal is to bring products made by women, particularly those living in remote regions, to international markets in order to integrate them into e-commerce flows.