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Monday, August 5, 2019

Copiapó to host APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week

The event, to be headed by Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica, will address topics on safety in the industry, sustainable mining, the reduction of the use of mercury and the latest trends in digitalization, automation and teleoperation in mining works.

August 2, 2019. Copiapó, a city known for its tradition in mining, will host the activities of APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week between August 5 and 8. These will include seminars, onsite visits and meetings and will be attended by representatives from the APEC economies and specialists from the public and private sectors.

The Mining Week, to be headed by Minister Baldo Prokurica, will also be attended by the Regional Governor of Atacama, Patricio Urquieta, APEC Chile 2019 SOM Chair, Mathias Francke, as well as regional officials.

The event will kick off on Monday, August 5 with a seminar on mining safety, during which attendees will share experiences and best practices with regard to safety policies and procedures. In the afternoon, participants will visit the San José mine, which became famous around the world following the 2010 accident when 33 miners were trapped 700 meters underground and rescued 69 days later. This event has served to raise awareness in Chile about improving safety policies and conditions in the mines.

On Tuesday, August 6, a seminar on sustainable mining will be held, where specialists will discuss solutions that address the common challenges for a sustainable industry, electric mobility and renewable energies. A workshop will also take place to encourage reduced use of mercury in artisanal gold and small-scale mining. The day will end with a visit to the Mining Museum of Tierra Amarilla to show the delegates the regional identity and historic heritage of Atacama.

The Public Private Dialogue, to take place on Wednesday, August 7, will allow APEC economies, the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), and representatives from the private sector, to discuss the state of Mining Equipment, Technologies and Services (METS) suppliers, the safety and traceability of minerals and metals, and tailings management. This event will be followed by technical visits, where delegates will have the chance to visit either an underground or open pit mine.

The activities will conclude with the High-Level Policy Dialogue on Mining Digitalization, during which members of the APEC economies will discuss the latest trends in digitalization, automation, teleoperation and other advances that improve and challenge the ways in which minerals are extracted in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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