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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Discussions with Chilean and international experts bring APEC issues closer to citizens

The Citizen APEC events, which are taking place in the context of the activities linked to the Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3), were created as an initiative to show people how the forum's work affects their daily lives.

August 20, 2019.- The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), which is bringing together in Chile government officials, delegates and experts from the 21 economies that make up the bloc, can often seem very technical and far-removed from people’s lives. To show the public the real impacts on their daily lives of the work carried out by the forum, as well as the benefits of free trade and regional integration, four Citizen APEC events were held on Monday in different cities throughout Chile.


These are public-private discussions in which citizens are invited to listen and hold debates with government officials and delegates visiting the country. They are being organized within the framework of APEC’s Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3), which has been taking place in Puerto Varas in southern Chile since last Thursday.


On Monday, the Ancud Cultural Center became the venue of the Citizen APEC event on "Entrepreneurship and Associativity among Women in Rural Areas", in which issues related to women and agriculture were discussed, taking the case of Australia as an example. Participating in the event were the Los Lagos regional ministerial secretary (SEREMI) for Women and Gender Equity, Viviana Sanhueza, the regional director of the Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP), Carlos Gómez Hofmann, and the mayor of Ancud, Carlos Gómez Miranda.


Meanwhile, in Santiago, the “Cybersecurity Technologies and Services: International Standards and Good Practices” event took place in the Chamber of Commerce building. Participants at this event discussed the challenges and problems of cybersecurity in the Chilean context, such as the role of industry in the development of public policies, among other issues. These topics were addressed by international experts, including Amy Mahn of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Courtney Lang of the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Universidad Austral in Valdivia was the location for the Citizen APEC event “Fostering Positive Aging”, which was attended by the regional governor of the Los Ríos Region, César Asenjo, the mayor of Valdivia, Omar Sabat, the Los Lagos regional ministerial secretary (SEREMI) for health, Regina Barra, the regional coordinator of the National Service for Senior Citizens (Senama), Gustavo Biolley and other academics and experts. During the event, discussions were held with senior citizens on age-friendly care, including public policies regarding positive aging and strengthening public healthcare.


Finally, the "Rural Development through the lens of Indigenous Communities and their Agribusinesses" event was held in Victoria, to raise awareness of the problems, challenges and opportunities facing indigenous rural communities and their farming activities, taking into account the example of New Zealand. Presentations were made by the regional director of ProChile, Eduardo González; the director of the International Maori Agribusiness Program of New Zealand, Keri Iti; the specialist in rural policy and outreach services of the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, Claudia Lyons; and the winner of the Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer Award of 2019, Kristy Roa, among others.

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