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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Successful completion of APEC Mining Week

The Mining Minister highlighted the efforts being made by companies to use water efficiently and take advantage of non-conventional renewable energy sources.

Copiapó, August 8, 2019. APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week, held in Copiapó in the Atacama Region, was successfully completed. That was the conclusion reached by the authorities participating in the event, headed by Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica, Regional Governor of Atacama, Patricio Urquieta, APEC Chile SOM Chair, Mathias Francke, and President of the Corporation for the Development of the Atacama Region (Corproa), Daniel Llorente.

On the occasion, the Mining Minister stated that this international event, held for the first time in the region, “is leaving us with a number of positions in preparation of COP25: a mining industry that is more environment friendly, more friendly to its workers, and has a number of proposals for COP25.”

He added that the industry has been moving forward towards more sustainable mining, pointing out that, “90% of the mining projects have desalination plants in place in order to protect continental water sources. We also have six large projects that have held tenders to obtain 100% renewable energy, and the National Mining Corporation (ENAMI) is committed to having, by 2021, 100% NCRE for their facilities. This means we have a very important challenge and many topics ahead for COP25, on how the mining industry is acting.”

APEC Chile SOM Chair, Mathias Franke, said, “we are happy to close the Mining Week in Copiapó; I think it is a keystone event on the APEC calendar towards the Economic Leaders’ meeting. We saw several links with Chile’s priorities and digital society. Today, we have talked about the digitalization of mining, of sustainable development and how mining is an important stakeholder in the fight against climate change. I think it’s important to emphasize because we want to encourage synergies between the APEC meeting and COP25.

The Regional Governor of Atacama, Patricio Urquieta, highlighted that the event “addressed the main challenges of global mining. We hope that these will form part of the standards that must be met by companies backed by foreign capital in our regions and our country, so that we can have a mining industry that is sustainable and can be projected into the future. This involves environmental commitments and the fact that we must have certainty that the environment and mining are compatible and, indeed, mutually necessary.” 

The president of Corproa, Daniel Llorente, who was one of the organizers of APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week, explained that, “for the entrepreneurs of Atacama, this week has constituted a great honor. Organizing an event of this kind is undoubtedly a historical landmark for the people of Atacama. This event has done justice to this region, a mining region, which is responsible for 96% of all of Chile’s exports by this industry. To see that mining is fundamental in the new challenges we are facing in relation to climate change and that we are fundamental in fighting this battle and able to win it.”

APEC Chile 2019 Mining Week was held in the Atacama Region between August 5 and 8. The event addressed themes such as mining safety, mining services, equipment and technologies, efficient use of water and cyber security, among other topics.

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