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Monday, June 17, 2019

“Leading Women” short story contest now accepting submissions

We invite all women to take part in the “Leading Women” competition and to learn through their stories how paths have opened up and how women have managed to position themselves in different professional fields. The initiative will raise the profile of all women who participate in many different aspects of society.

Have you been inspired by a woman in your life? Write a story about her! The Ministry of Women and Gender Equity is accepting submissions for the first version of the “Leading Women” competition, which seeks to highlight the stories of women in Chile who have left their mark.

Writers may participate in the initiative by submitting a short story (max. 300 words) on women who inspire the new generations.

An expert jury will select the winners, awarding one first place prize, three honorable mentions and a special award for the Best Short Story on the work of women in non-traditional areas (mining, transportation, etc.).

Furthermore, a collection of the best submissions accompanied by illustrations by Chilean female artists will be given to participants in the APEC Women and the Economy Forum (WEF), which will take place during the first week of October in the city of La Serena.


  • The competition is open to women aged 15 and over with a permanent residence in Chile, with the exception of relatives of the members of the jury.
  • The short stories must be related to women’s participation in society.
  • The short stories must be unpublished and be less than 300 words long aside from the title.
  • Each participant may submit up to five stories. Submissions may be sent through the website at: following the instructions contained therein.
  • Submissions will be accepted from Monday, May 27, 2019 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 27, 2019. No extensions will be granted.
  • The jury is composed of writer María Paz Rodríguez, journalist Jenny del Río and actor and playwright Elisa Zulueta.
  • The jury will select five finalist stories and will choose one First Place, three Honorable Mentions and a special award for the best story about a woman’s work in a non-traditional area.
  • The author of the winning story will receive $1,000,000 Chilean pesos; the winner of the special award will receive $500,000 pesos, and the authors of the honorable mentions will each receive $250,000 pesos.
  • Story submissions will not be returned.
  • The stories must be original (written by the author who submits them) and unpublished (they must not have been previously published in any format). If this is not the case, the participant will be wholly responsible for all manner of damages and the organizers may take the appropriate legal actions.
  • Participating in the competition shall imply accepting the terms of these rules and shall grant the organizers exclusive, free access to the rights set out in Article 18 of Law 17. 336 without any temporal or territorial limits. Specifically, the organizers may edit, publish, announce, distribute, translate, transform, adapt and reproduce the participating works using any medium.  The author also grants the organizers the power to authorize third parties to engage in those activities without seeking profits.
  • By participating in the competition the author agrees that her story, first and last name, municipality of residence and age may be included in a collection of the best stories. Three thousand copies of said collection will be distributed free of charge.