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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sustainable growth: Working for the future of the environment

APEC’s main focus is the future. Since its inception, the forum has made an effort to promote the growth and prosperity of Asia-Pacific countries, as long as that growth is sustainable.

With this goal in mind, APEC Chile 2019 has identified Sustainable Growth as one of its priorities. This is a challenge that requires the commitment of all sectors of society and that includes issues associated with the protection of our oceans, illegal fishing and energy.

Ocean Protection 

One of the aspects of the priority placed on Sustainable Growth is protection of the ocean, which includes the issue of illegal fishing. The objective is to decrease practices that distort international trade in the fishing sector in order to eliminate, prevent and discourage illegal, undeclared and unregulated fishing.

Plastic pollution in the oceans is another priority area. One of the projects that Chile is leading seeks to create a set of preventative measures that can be taken to combat marine debris along with a roadmap on plastic pollution in the oceans.

Furthermore, during the Second Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM2), delegates and Senior Officials participated in a beach cleanup in order to raise awareness about marine debris and the importance of caring for the ocean.


According to the Energy Ministry’s 2015 National Energy Report, transportation is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in Chile. This is just one of the statistics that underlines the need to change the way that energy is used in Chile.

The use of electric vehicles has increased over the past few years, and public transport has become part of this trend. While Chile has implemented a National Electromobility Strategy to promote their use, APEC is working on the development of such a strategy at the regional level.

The Sustainable Growth priority is focused on proposing measures to promote the use of new forms of energy in the Asia-Pacific region, accelerate the use of sustainable transport and update regulations in order to encourage the adoption of new renewable technologies.

Work on this priority is aimed at proposing plans of action in all of these areas and encouraging each economy to develop and implement them. In this context, APEC Chile 2019 is seeking a comprehensive commitment to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations.