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Monday, August 19, 2019

Sustainability at APEC: Delegates participate in Tree Planting at El Loto Wetland

The initiative is one of the 135 activities to be held in the region in the context of APEC’s Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3), which will take place on August 29 and 30 in preparation for the Economic Leaders’ Meeting in November.

Llanquihue, August 18, 2019. Starting last Thursday, for a period of more than two weeks, the Los Lagos Region has become the venue for the Third Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) and Related Meetings. This Sunday delegates from APEC member economies and regional government officials participated in two onsite activities that paid tribute to the region’s natural surroundings.

In the afternoon, around 60 delegates from APEC economies participated in a tree planting activity in the El Loto wetland of Llanquihue. Together with Los Lagos Regional Governor Harry Jürgensen, Mayor of Llanquihue Víctor Angulo, APEC Content Director Krasna Bobenrieth, and children from the community’s schools, they planted more than 40 native species of bushes and trees.

The activity was organized by the APEC Chile 2019 Office, Los Lagos Regional Governor’s Office, Llanquihue municipality, CONAF (National Forest Corporation) and the Legado Foundation.

During the activity, Regional Governor Jürgensen said, “this wetland was ignored and abandoned for many years, and was often used as a place to dump garbage. Today we are working hard to make people truly aware about the need to take care of and maintain our ecosystems.” He added that he placed “enormous value on the fact that one of the priorities of APEC Chile 2019 is to have growth that is sustainable, respectful and careful of the environment and nature.” 

APEC Content Director, Krasna Bobenrieth, explained, “at APEC today we are working with a special focus on sustainable growth, illegal fishing and marine waste. We do, however, want to show that the topic of sustainable growth is much broader, encompassing other issues, such as wetlands and planting.”


Meanwhile, the Mayor of Llanquihue, Víctor Angulo, said, “we have four urban wetlands that are all located within 1,500 meters of one another. This makes us one of the only cities in the world with this status. We are very pleased to have become pioneers in the recuperation of wetlands since 2016, when a green infrastructure program was implemented. This will allow us to become a community with 48 square meters of green space per inhabitant, ranking us first in Chile and among the best in South America.”


At the end of the activity, the children presented the APEC delegates with special messages about caring for the environment, which they had prepared in advance.

Regatta on Llanquihue Lake

Prior to the tree-planting activity, the “First Colegio Patagonia Puerto Varas Cup” regatta took place in the context of the APEC meetings. More than 200 athletes took part, representing eight Chilean clubs from Maitencillo, Concepción, Valdivia, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Llanquihue, Puerto Octay and Castro. The boat race was launched by Los Lagos Regional Governor, Harry Jürgensen, the Mayor of Puerto Varas, Ramón Bahamondes, and APEC Content Director, Krasna Bobenrieth.

The event was organized by the Colegio Patagonia Puerto Varas Coastal Rowing Club and aimed to foster the practice of coastal rowing, a typical sport in southern Chile, in which Chile excelled during the recent 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Rowing and outrigger canoeing were the disciplines at the event.

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