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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Following cancellation of the Leaders' Meeting, Chile's Foreign Affairs minister ratifies Chile's commitment to APEC

Santiago, October 30.- Following the President’s announcement regarding the cancellation of the APEC Leaders’ Meeting scheduled for November 16 and 17, Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Teodoro Ribera explained that the decision in no way affects the country’s commitment to this important forum.

Under the slogan “Connecting people, building the future,” APEC Chile has worked hard throughout 2019 to materialize the vision of placing people at the center and reaching agreements that will benefit millions of Chileans. APEC has been an important challenge for our country, and work has been undertaken throughout Chile during the whole year. These efforts, which involved various cities and the 21 APEC economies, have led to important achievements and agreements that will benefit all Chileans.

The minister explained that, “given the difficult circumstances that our country has experienced, the President has decided to cancel the APEC 2019 Leaders’ Meeting, which was to have been held in November. This is so that the government can focus its efforts on completely re-establishing public order, the security of citizens and social peace and promoting the New Social Agenda.”

Minister Ribera explained that the ambassadors of the APEC economies had discussed the situation today and had thanked the Ministry for its efforts and hard work over the past year.

The final milestone of APEC 2019 has thus been canceled. This process allowed for the first full consensus at the level of Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) since 2015, when the member economies committed their support to free, open and transparent trade based on rules, including the need to improve the work of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

This year three roadmaps were approved at the Leaders’ level. They addressed Women and Inclusive Growth, Illegal Fishing and Marine Debris, and contributed to promoting both inclusion and sustainability in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Approval was also given to Chile’s initiative to make a Final Push towards the Bogor Goals in the area of services so as to move the region towards greater liberalization and increase the sector’s competitiveness.

An agreement was reached to work on improvements around regional global value chains (GVCs), adjusting them to the needs of SMEs in the digital era.

Chile committed to host the APEC Leaders’ Meeting five years ago in order to increase ties with the 20 other Asia-Pacific economies.

“We ratify our commitment to APEC and firmly believe in its contribution to the development of successful public policies that can solve the problems that affect the citizens of the region and in its contribution to our economy and Chilean SMEs,” the Minister said. He also repeated the words of the Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat in Singapore, “we thank Chile for tirelessly advocating for more inclusive growth throughout its host year, including by prioritizing the economic empowerment of women and small businesses.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister stated that Chile will continue to work so that all of the achievements reached this year will be transferred in the best possible way to Malaysia, which will host APEC next year. He also noted that the Ministry will continue to work tirelessly to defend the country’s ongoing interests and to generate more and better opportunities for all Chileans.