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Thursday, March 21, 2019

World Water Day: APEC hand-in-hand with sustainable growth

According to World Health Organization statistics, water shortage currently affects four out of every 10 people; 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed potable water services; and by 2025, almost 2 billion people will live in areas with absolute water shortage.  

The future looks challenging for Earth and its inhabitants, but experts have been warning us for decades about this trend. For this reason, 27 years ago, the United Nations established World Water Day, a day to generate awareness about and reflect on the importance of water.

Water is vital to sustainable development and growth. This is why during 2019, APEC Chile will work on sustainability as a priority and a challenge, because the progress achieved through the forum must go hand-in-hand with the current environmental situation.

The Sustainable Growth priority includes measures on energy and cities, but is also largely directed at the conservation of ocean water: protecting marine ecosystems, reducing sea waste and fighting illegal fishing.

For 2019, Chile proposes to focus the discussion on economic growth that is mindful of people, their quality of life and the environment that will be enjoyed by future generations.

Source: Unicef, United Nations, World Health Organization, APEC