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Privacy Policy

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In accordance with Article 19 No. 4 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile and the pertinent articles in Law No. 19.628 and subsequent modifications, regarding the protection of privacy, the use of personal information collected via, a website operated by the Directorate General of International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hereinafter referred to as DIRECON, is subject to the following rules:

DIRECON ensures the confidentiality of personal information collected from users who register at via the form(s) created for this purpose. Notwithstanding its legal capacity, DIRECON will only handle the personal data of users who have voluntarily provided such data via the abovementioned form.  

Users’ personal information will be used for the purposes indicated on the corresponding form and always under the authority and capacity of DIRECON.

The Institution, in compliance with the provisions established under Law 19.628, has registered the corresponding personal data banks and the legal basis under which they were established with the Civil Registry and Identification Service.  To learn more about the official records, please use the following link and click on Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales under Organismo Público.

Users’ personal data will be subject to handling, which includes any operation or series of operations or technical procedures, automated or not, that result in the collection, storage, recording, organization, preparation, selection, extraction, comparison, connection, disassociation, communication, cession, transfer, transmission or removal of personal information, or use of such data in any other manner, in accordance with the information set forth in the Registry of Data Bases maintained by the Civil Registry and Identification Service, which may be accessed through the link provided in the previous paragraph.

DIRECON is allowed to share users’ personal data with other Chilean government agencies, in accordance with Law 19.628.

DIRECON, if legally required to do so, will share users’ personal data upon request.

DIRECON is allowed to share statistical information derived from users’ personal information with third parties without the express consent of the user, when such data does not individually identify the user, in accordance with the Law.

The User can, at any time, exercise his/her rights granted under Law No. 19.628 and its subsequent modifications. Specifically, the User will be able to:

  • Request information regarding data banks operated by the organism, the legal basis under which they were established, their main purpose, types of stored data and a description of the pool of people included therein;
  • Request information regarding their own personal data, its origin and end use, the purpose for its storage and the names of the people or organisms with whom their data is regularly shared;
  • Request changes to their personal information when data is incorrect or out of date, as appropriate;
  • Request the removal or cancellation of data provided if they so desire, as appropriate;
  • Request, in accordance with Law 19.628, a copy of the relevant part of the modified registry, where relevant, and;
  • Refuse to allow their personal information to be used for statistical purposes.

To exercise their rights, Users will submit the form found at  and clearly indicate their request.

If no response to their previous communication has been received within a period of two business days, Users may initiate the appropriate legal proceedings, which should be filed against the individual responsible for handling the information, as listed below:

Name of Responsible Party: RODRIGO YAÑEZ BENITEZ


Address and postal address: SAN MARTIN N° 88 SANTIAGO. Postal address: Clasificador N° 75, Sucursal Plaza de Armas – Correos de Chile.

Citizen Enquiry Form:

Phone – Fax: 22 827 5100

With respect to the automated collection and handling of data for the purpose of creating registries of visitor activity and custom audiences, DIRECON is solely allowed to use this information to generate reports that comply with stated goals. Under no circumstance may it carry out operations that link the information with any user that has been or can be identified.

For the purposes of this “Privacy Policy,” the User is a person who voluntarily registers at using the forms created specifically for this purpose, whereas the Visitor is a person who freely accesses the information available on without having been required to register previously.